If you have a damaged shingle roof and wondering what to do, you have two choices. One, to call up your nearest local roofing contractor, or two, throw down the gauntlet, pull out your ladder and get up there to assess and fix the damage.

If you fall into the second category of people, then here’s a very well written step-by-step guide on how to fix your leaking or damaged roof.

Removing Damaged Shingles

1 Use the proper safety precautions. Any time you’re getting up on the roof you need to practice roof safety. Wear protective eyewear, heavy-duty gloves, and gripping boots appropriate for walking on the roof. Preferably, you’ll also install roof jacks to have something to stand on, and harnesses to protect yourself. Never do roof work alone.

How you access the roof will depend upon the roof itself and the location of the damage. Always use a secure, sturdy ladder when you’re climbing up on the roof, and have a helper to secure it at the base. When walking on the roof, always walk slowly and secure your footing before taking another step.

If you’re just trying to assess the damage and replace a few damaged shingles, it might seem like overkill to install roof jacks and harnesses, but depending on the complexity and the height of your roof, it might be the safest option. Roof work isn’t something to rush.

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Here’s another article that should help you along your way towards fixing your roof – https://danburyroofing.wordpress.com/. Just be careful when you’re up there! Make sure you take all the necessary steps to avoid any accidents occurring!